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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will we start practices/games again? 

We are following both state and federal guidelines in terms of social distancing and state stay at home orders. We are all super anxious to get back out on the fields and in the facilities, but realize the severity of this virus and want to do our part to help minimize the spread. As for games and tournaments as of right now it looks like their schedules have them set to begin the first week of May of whenever these orders are finally lifted. All of these dates as we have found are subject to change based on suggestions or mandates by local, state and federal governments. 

2. If we don’t get to play, will I get a refund?

PLEASE HOLD, this all developing.

3. Can I still use the facility?

As of right now due to Tarrant County and Texas State Government orders we are not currently open. However, we are going to ensure that when this mandate is lifted that we are ready to go! All members have been contacted and will be taken care of any missed time during this shutdown period. We are still offering all of our retail, membership and online services to team members, clients and customers nationwide.

4. Is there an online resource for at home workouts that are good for youth baseball players?

We are going to continue to post on Facebook information /workouts as to what our players can and should be doing. What we can say is keeping our arm in shape and not letting our bodies go stagnant is incredibly important. We will not have the same luxuries we did earlier in the year to build up stamina in our guys. I would strongly encourage the following. Make sure we are playing catch for a total of 15 minutes/day after our stretch and warm up routine has concluded (specifics will be available via social media) for 15 minutes at varying distances total. A good example would be to start at 45 feet and back up in 15 or 30 foot increments based on the age and arm strength of the respective player. Keep in mind we are looking to keep the ball on a pretty firm line or get the ball there eliminating as direct as we can eliminating the amount of "arc" it has on each throw. You will know you have reached a max distance when long tossing, when we are one hopping our throwing partner or target routinely while at our max or close to max effort. Hitting I would encourage whether doing tee work, front toss or batting practice to try and take a minimum of 200 swings per day. You never know what you can achieve until we put a ton of effort and repetition into achieving our goal.

5. Do the Texans have any community service events planned to help those in need in our area? 

We are currently brainstorming ideas on how to help those in need in the community without putting any of our staff, families and players at risk during this time.

6. What measures are being taken to ensure the facilities are being cleaned and disinfected?

Our facilities have been stocked with Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer as well as Clorox to aid in wiping down all areas of facility and for staff and members to keep their hands clean. Soap in in all bathrooms and we encourage everyone to wash their hands routinely and follow CDC guidelines. At it's current time this is a non-issue as we are not open due to local, state and federal government guidelines. 

Still have questions?  Please call or text us at 817-948-7531.